FaciliCare Quality System enables us to satisfy employees’ expectations in the most productive and cost-effective approach possible. We do this by involving our Maintenance Technicians in the process, measuring quality and communicating results. Our system improves our technicians’ efforts and returns increased value to our customers. We do this by:

  • Quality control through inspections
  • Ensuring satisfaction through communication
  • Managing cleaning information
  • Complete janitor participation in the Quality process
  • Customizing our Quality program to your needs

We perform regularly scheduled inspections to determine the quality of the work and to solicit feedback from our clients. Data from inspections is used to measure our cleaning system, allowing us to set improvement goals and determine the effectiveness of its initiatives.

Quality control inspections will be performed weekly by our site manager using our proprietary web-based Quality Control Software. The entire facility is inspected at least monthly, and we encourage your representatives to accompany us on inspections.

Inspections are entered into our Quality Control Software System. This means that the inspections for your property will be available to be viewed on the internet at any time, just by logging into our web site. From this, work orders will be created and assigned promptly. Quality control reports will be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet, where information will be stored and graphed, showing trends and tendencies.

In addition to our routine daily, weekly, and monthly inspections FaciliCare employs Quality Assurance representatives. These persons are responsible for inspecting your facility one time per quarter. In addition to cleaning quality our Quality Assurance inspections also report on:

  • OSHA compliance
  • Safety Procedures Compliance
  • ID Badge / Uniform Compliance
  • Time Keeping Accuracy
  • On site record retention procedures

  • Our Quality Assurance representatives report directly back to our Vice-President of Operations. All reports and findings are reviewed and appropriate corrections are made through joint collaboration with all of our area supervisors.

    We recommend a client representative participate in the inspection tours whenever possible. By jointly inspecting the same conditions we can better understand your expectations and meet them.

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