1. Formal Employee Training
2. Quality Measurement
3. Performance Evaluation

FCCQM begins with Employees– During training each employee goes through a step-by-step process of defining each task associated with their responsibility. Expectations are clearly understood and employees are instructed to check their work to ensure that it is up to our standards.

On-Site Supervisor Inspections – Daily/nightly inspections are performed by an On-Site Supervisor. On-Site Supervisors are responsible for inspecting each customer’s facility to ensure cleaning standards are being met. They are responsible for remedial training. Supervisors are assigned a number of accounts in a specific geographic area which they closely monitor to ensure each area’s facilities are properly maintained.

Quality Control Representative – The QC Representative will be visiting and inspecting customer premises one time per month and will be providing a formal report of the inspection to the VP of Operations. The Quality Control Records and Inspection Reports are of vital significance because they:

1. Determine weaknesses in training, supervision, resources, or personnel.
2. Are objective and impartial (QC Representative reports directly to the VP of Operations).
3. Are used as the major instrument for measuring performance and has a large weight on performance incentives.
4. Are reviewed and discussed on our Weekly Quality Control Meeting attended by all Area Managers.
5. Provide the feedback necessary to relay back to the On-Site Supervisors and crews for immediate corrective action.

Area Manager – The Area Manager will be visiting (randomly and unannounced) each customer premise to ensure staff is working safely and effectively on a quarterly basis. He/she will be touring and inspecting the work being done to ensure service delivery is meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Corporate Training & Safety Officer – The Corporate Training & Safety Officer conducts quarterly on-site inspections to ensure safety and cleaning processes are followed. Each location will go through a series of inspections to include observing Special Service Floor Crews and Janitorial Specialists (as they perform their daily duties). These quarterly inspection reports are delivered to the VP of Janitorial Operations and reviewed as a team with the Area Managers and On-Site Supervisors. Consistency is the overall goal.

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our multi-layered approach to customer site inspections and it has been proven effective because it has the right amount of checks and balances in place to work safety and effectiveness. The system separates production (service delivery) from quality and allows for objective evaluation and control. It also provides a feedback mechanism in the quality control scorecard that allows management to address issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Performance Evaluation – The Quality Control Scorecard is the main tool used for quality measurements. Each location serviced is tracked on a Monthly QC Report to ensure a positive trend and consistency. The primary feedback medium is the weekly performance evaluation meeting where management teams (QC, Supervisors, and Managers) from each Region meet with the VP of Janitorial Operations to review and discuss progress on each account (based on quality control scorecards and other relevant key indicators). As previously mentioned, any weaknesses in training, supervision, resources, or personnel are quickly escalated and resolved before they become problematic.

Examples of relevant key indicators:
  • Monthly Complaints/Repeats
  • On-Time Work Order Completion Rate
  • Work Loss Cases
  • Quarterly Safety Report
  • Total Cost of Custodial Services

Falicilicare also supports weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and/or quarterly performance evaluation calls with clients to review goals, issues, work orders, future initiatives, and current needs. Current financial needs and expectations of the client will be addressed at this time. Our Managers and Account Representatives are dedicated to providing the best in customer care.

To learn more about our Quality Management System and how it can be successfully set up for your company please,
contact us today.

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