WHY FACILICARE: Dependability, Innovation, and Cost Efficiency

Dependability, Innovation, and Cost Efficiency are the qualities of every robust business, and they are the reason we are the first preference for companies outsourcing their janitorial & facilities services.

Our customer retention rates testify to the fact: 97% of customers who use FaciliCare stay with FaciliCare making our janitorial & facilities maintenance services unparalleled in the industry.

For more than 40 years, FaciliCare has served Chicago land's and Southern Wisconsin's janitorial & facilities maintenance service needs. Count on our 140 trained and dedicated FaciliCare employees to get your facilities maintenance job done right. As one of the most experienced janitorial & facilities maintenance service providers, FaciliCare has the expertise and resources to meet any requirements and address any facilities maintenance situation.

We manage all of our clients' unique facilities requests in the daily routine of commercial and corporate sites, the high traffic of industrial venues, and in times of emergency.

FaciliCare is committed to providing its customers with efficient and cost-effective janitorial and maintenance services through incomparable innovation in our programs and technology.

Our Green Cleaning program provides a timely, cost-effective solution for facilities to join the global community in the move toward environmentally-friendly cleaning & maintenance practices, while attracting and retaining tenants and employees.

Cost Efficiency
By leveraging our investments in innovative technology and processes, FaciliCare delivers an extremely cost-effective, best-in-class portfolio of services. Outsourcing to FaciliCare allows customers to focus on their own businesses, saving them time and money.

It is a unique combination of systems, resources, and qualities that sets FaciliCare apart from the rest and allows us to bring the top janitorial & facilities maintenance services to the market.

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